Cleaning of apartments, houses

Maintaining and cleanliness in offices, apartments, technological rooms, etc. due to necessity. Today, the entire cleaning of apartments has become a science, which includes rules for the care of all the variety of expensive surfaces occurring in our homes, for example - Venetian plaster, marble, granite, cork. Working with such surfaces requires a high level of technological knowledge. Cleaning professional cleaning company - it is qualitatively different level of cleanliness and hygiene. We understand! Good result - an effective equipment, reliable devices and professional service. That is why cleaning the apartments we use only the best cleaning products and equipment.

Services we provide in cleaning apartments, cottages:

  • Complex cleaning
  • Dry cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Spring-cleaning

Cleaning of offices

The visit card of any modern offices are clean and well maintained. The clean office is a clean atmosphere in mood and well-being, as well as staff performance. Maintaining the cleanliness of the premises for various purposes, be it an office or sales area, manufacturing facility or warehouse, caused not only a necessity, but also the ever-increasing sanitary requirements. In addition to the removal of contaminants cleaning purpose is to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria.

The services that we provide in the cleaning of offices:

  1. Daily office cleaning
  2. General cleaning of office
  3. Office Cleaning after repair
  4. Dry carpet
  5. Soft furniture
  6. Cleaning of blinds and curtains
  7. Washing windows
  8. Cleaning areas (parks, sports fields)

Cleaning after repair

Good result - an effective cleaning products, reliable technology and high quality service. That is why the services of "cleaning up after repair" We use only the best cleaning products and equipment. The methods and the list of jobs "cleaning up after repair" depends on the materials your decor finishes and can be transferred to infinity ...

Services we provide at cleaning after repair:

washing windows, cleaning the floor, wall and ceiling lighting, dust removal of all vertical and horizontal surfaces , wash all types of water-resistant surfaces, washing appliances, heating and ventilation grates, cleaning and polishing interior furniture, cleaning of sanitary units(WC).

Express cleaning

Even if you do not usually use the services of cleaning companies - sometimes it happens that apply to us just need!

For you to come to visit, and you have not much time to do: to cook dinner, go shopping, go to the barber shop, pick up the kids from school, make the lessons, and in the apartment a mess that goes all around the head and wonder what pitch Firstly. It happens so that it is impossible to have time to do it, because immediately after the revelry is expected to visit, which implies a perfect order.

Express cleaning - it's putting things in order in the shortest possible time, with the highest quality!

Services we provide at Express cleaning:

Spot cleaning of premises - is when the effort to restore order and cleanliness should focus only on specific locations, ie, - Is necessary to make maintenance cleaning.

Really - why pay for something that is not enough dusty or dirty!

In any of these cases, as in all matters relating to the order and cleanliness, you can apply and obtain professional advice by phone

Washing windows

The modern house windows play an important role. Most can be found in Minsk and in other cities of Belarus, fully glazed building. It looks modern and very attractive. This is mainly office buildings, shopping and business centers. Of course, in such buildings windows cleanliness plays an important role. Therefore, the involvement of cleaning campaigns is a common phenomenon. This saves time and money and high quality services.

Cleaning and washing windows includes:

cleaning glass from dirt and dust using special sharpened scrapers; Wet wash window frame using special abrasive preparations; cleaning glass special preparation; removing moisture from the glass and the frame; washing tides, gum, slopes, grooves;

Dry cleaning of carpets

The complex process that requires specific knowledge and experience. In violation of a sequence or inexperience, the carpet may lose color or structure of the fibers. Professional carpet cleaning experts recommend several times a year, and at a high pollution or intensive use of clean once in 2-3 months.

We offer the following services:

dry cleaning foam; depth cleaning of the pile; dry cleaning carpets, rugs and carpets; eliminate unpleasant odors foreign carpet (dampness, fumes, odors of animals).

Upholstered furniture cleaning

Professional dry cleaning of upholstered furniture can not only get rid of the stains and dirt, but also to refresh the look and bring back the original color of the sofas, chairs and beds. All this can be done at home with the help of a cleaning company "MissBlesk."

Types of jobs:

Soft furniture to leave the house; Cleaning leather furniture to leave the house; Vacuum upholstery hygienic processing; Removing dirt, stains and streaks.